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St. Matthew’s Spiritual Survey 2018*

Here is a series of statements.  As you read them through carefully and prayerfully, please write a number in the space next to each statement.


Write a '5' if the statement describes you extremely well;

a '4' = if it describes you fairly well;

a '3' = if it describes you sometimes, but not consistently;

a '2' = if it describes you only rarely; and

a '1' = if it doesn't describe you at all.


Please resist the temptation to answer the way you think you should, or how you would like to be. Instead answer the way you feel right now. You're not trying to get a specific score. Your goal is to understand how God has wired you and how you can become the person God made you.


___1. I am a very organized person.

___2. I like working behind the scenes to help others.

___3. I like to work with my hands or with tools.

___4. I can motivate others to help or serve in new ways.

___5. I enjoy visiting the sick and those who are shut-in.

___6. I take pleasure in giving generously of my money and other resources.

___7. I enjoy nurturing the faith of other Christians.

___8. I would rather do routine tasks to help others than be asked to come up with new ideas for serving.

___9. I love to give God glory through singing.

___10. I enjoy helping others learn about the meaning of our faith.

___11. I feel glad to be able to offer financial support to worthy causes.

___12. I look for ways to be faithful in doing small things and often do them without being asked.

___13. I love our potlucks - it gives me the chance to show I care for other people in the church.


*Adapted from the Mount Calvary Episcopal Church (Camp Hill PA) Personal Gifts Questionnaire.