Welcome Visitors and New Members

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Welcome to St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. If you are wondering what to expect when you attend a service here, please read the brief descriptions below, and above all, know that you are always welcome.

We are a liturgical church that incorporates as much of the Book of Common Prayer into our worship as possible. We do not rush our time together but are very much aware of the presence of God with us by His Word and Holy Spirit.

Sunday Services: 8AM Rite I and 10:30AM Rite II

  • The 8AM service is held without music, using more traditional language. If you are looking for a reflective and quiet service, this may suit you.
  • The 10:30AM service has music and often a choir. We sing traditional and contemporary hymns, so if you sing to celebrate, come to this service!
  • Both services celebrate Eucharist, the Breaking of The Bread. You do not have to be a member of the Episcopal Church to receive communion, but do need to be baptized as a Christian.
  • You are encouraged to come to the Altar for a blessing if you are not baptized.
  • NOTE: On months with a 5th Sunday, we hold 1 service at 10:30AM, followed by a Potluck.


Services during the week offer a variety of worship opportunities-contemplative prayer, a Spanish language service and Holy Eucharist with Unction. Times of service are on the Home Page.